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Proudly Brings You

Embedding Curriculum In The Songwriting Process


Brian Chevalier

         Singer/Songwriter Artist In Residence

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Reading Rocks
Absolutely Adirondack
Adirondack Live!
Character Ed & Ned

School Programs: Residencies/Enrichment
Songwriting: Community Celebration
Songwriting: Computer Technology "Create your school's yearbook on CD"
Songwriting: Reading Rocks / The Classroom Community
Songwriting: Character Education Songs
Songwriting: Cross Curriculum is where it's at! See how you can incorporate multiple learning standards and Character Ed. all into one song!

Write, record and produce a CD of songs with your school!
And order as many copies for your students as needed!

Experiential workshops that combine music with teamwork, listening skills, movement, writing, multiple modalities... use your imagination...can be used to address ANY curriculum needs or interests. Collaboration and brainstorming with teachers is what really makes for effective workshops and residencies.